Specialty Fire Extinguishers


fire extinguisher

Combustible Metals – Class D Buckeye 30D

Specially designed for use on combustible metals fires, this extinguisher features a discharge assembly that keeps the operator at a safe distance while providing accurate application of the agent on the fire. From the heat of the fire, the sodium chloride-based agent forms a crust to exclude air from the burning material.

Wet Chemical – Class K Badger WC-100 Wet Chemical Hand Portable Fire Extinguisher 

These models are ideally suited to supplement commercial cooking-appliance fire suppression systems for addressing tough class K combustible kitchen-cooking media fires.

Water Mist Non-Magnetic Buckeye WM250  

This extinguisher is the right choice for class A fires where there is the potential for class C (electrical) safety hazards. It’s ideal for hospitals, clean rooms and telecom facilities. The non-magnetic properties of the extinguisher make it perfect for use in proximity to MRI equipment.

Wheeled Units – Buckeye 50-, 125- and 150-Pound Capacity

Three choices in dry chemical agents are available to suit your particular fire-protection needs: Monoammonium Phosphate (ABC), Sodium Bicarbonate (BC) and Potassium Bicarbonate (Purple K-BC).

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